How do I book an appointment?

It is very simple. Just select the treatment of your preference, then indicate the date and time you wish to have your appointment, and finally enter the details of the place where the beauty therapist should go to.

How is my booking processed?

When you pay for your booking, you will receive a confirmation email of the booking. Your therapist will be scheduled to arrive at the treatment location.

When is payment required?

Advance payment is required to secure your chosen time. Our therapists do not take cash for security reasons.

What is your cancellation policy?

You will receive a full refund if you cancel more than 24 hours of the appointment time. If you cancelled and it falls within the 24 hours, you will not receive a refund. To cancel, please email, stating your name and booking number. For more information, you can view our full Terms of Service.

Can I change my booking appointment?

To change the time of your booking we need a 6-hour notice to be able to book another beauty therapist who can go to your area. Email to to check availability.

What if I don't like the service?

We recommend talking with your beauty professional when they visit you and make them fully aware of what you want to avoid any confusion or bad service. However, if your service is not to your satisfaction please contact us and we will be happy to help.

What happens if the beauty professional does not arrive or is late?

If the beauty therapist arrives 20 minutes late, or if there is a no-show, we will be happy to offer you a complementary treatment.

What nail polish do you bring?

We use a professional range of products for all our treatments, which applies of course to all our manicures and pedicures for which we offer a wide selection of Essie and CND colours. If you have a specific colour in mind for an event or occasion, please have the colour with you or tell us by emailing and we can see if we can get you the shade.

What should I wear for a massage?

Wear what you feel most comfortable in, and for a full body massage we recommend wearing your underwear. Clients to provide own towels for hygiene reasons. We recommend providing 2 large towels and a small towel.

How do I prepare for a spray tan and how long will it last?

Exfoliate and do any waxing or shaving the day before. You will wear paper pants for the tan and we would recommend you bring loose dark clothing wear afterwards. The tan will last for about 5-7 days if looked after correctly i.e. moisture, pat skin dry after bath/shower. We would advise to have the tan 1-2 days before the special occasion.

What treatments can I have if I am pregnant?

Most beauty treatments are fine during pregnancy. All we ask is that you be past your first trimester. For massages, expected mothers should book a pregnancy massage. Other massages are not available for pregnant women.

Is my hair washed when I have a haircut?

Being an at home visit we advise clients to wash their hair just before the arrival of the stylist. The stylist will have a spray bottle to wet the hair but not wash.



How will Cityswish help my professional career?

Cityswish is a platform that can help you earn more money and give you further experience in the mobile beauty and wellness industry.

Can I decide what days and times to work?

Yes, Cityswish allows you to provide your availability and we are flexible on your working hours.

Do I have to provide the working material?

Yes, beauty professionals must use their own equipment to provide the service to the customers.

What do we expect from beauty professionals?

We want to work with reliable and committed professionals, who are able to provide a high standard service. Certifications and insurance will be necessary.